Structured & Guided Inquiry Overview

Like all the kids, the first place that we looked up was wikipedia… and it said:

In structured inquiry, people are provided with the question and procedure (method), however the task is to generate an explanation that is supported by the evidence collected in the procedure.

In guided inquiry, people are provided with only the research question, and the task is to design the procedure (method) and to test the question and the resulting explanations. Because this kind of inquiry is more open than a confirmation or structured inquiry, it is most successful when people have had numerous opportunities to learn and practice different ways to plan experiments and record data.” (

STOP!!! That’s just too easy and does it tell the whole story? We were given some expert readings about the inquiry process and we began to formalise our own understandings of the different types of inquiry processes, models and habits. So… let’s try again but this time we will get you to define what you think it looks like and the differences and similarities between structured and guided inquiry; share our collected understanding of what structured and guided inquiry represents, feels like and looks like to us!!!!

(Venn diagram activity identifying the groups common understanding of structured and guided inquiry)


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